What Necklace to Wear with One Shoulder Dress(2020 updated)

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Do you have a one-shoulder dress and have no idea what necklace works best for it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here my coworker(she is a big fan of one-shoulder dress) will share 10 necklaces you can wear with your one-shoulder dress.

What type of necklace to wear with one shoulder dress?

When you have a one-shoulder dress, you might have a hard time knowing what the best necklaces to wear it with is.

Some good examples of what you can wear them with is a choker that will bring attention to your face and neck. You can equally get something shorter such as a y-necklace, which is both unique and stand out.

Most of all, the best type of necklace to wear your one-shoulder dress is a long necklace. The reason for that is that when you wear a one-shoulder dress, you don’t necessarily want something that will take attention away from your collar bone area. An 18-inch dress falls right on top of the chest, an ideal place for a pendant to fall.

Here, we’re going to look at ten long necklaces from Amazon that you can wear with a one-shoulder dress.

10 Necklaces to Wear With one Shoulder Dress

HXZZ pearl pendant necklace

Long necklaces do work well with one shoulder dresses, and so will this 18inch necklace.

It is made from 925 sterling silver with an 18k white gold plating. The pendant is made from high-quality freshwater cultured pearl in the shape of a teardrop.

Each pearl gets handpicked from among many so you’re assured the pearl will be impressive when it comes to luster, color and quality too.

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HXZZ has a 60-day return policy incase of any defects.


HXZZ pearl charm pendant necklace

This next necklace from HXZZ is also made from 18k white gold coated 925 sterling silver.

What makes it different is the pendant. It does have a freshwater culture pearl but the pendant is made from an elaborate design that is fashionable and stands out.

There are gemstones in settings around the pearl that are green and purple. If you have a solid color one shoulder dress, the pendant is guaranteed to enhance the outfit.

Chic & Artsy pendant necklace

Here we have a pendant necklace with two interlocking infinity circles with different sizes where one is larger than the other.

It is meant to symbolize eternity, unity, and also everlasting love. The chain is made from 925 sterling silver that’s been plated with 18k yellow gold and is hypoallergenic.

The length of the chain is 18 inches. The jewelry comes in a gift box that also contains a polish cloth. You also get a 90-day exchange or money-back.

Amazon Collection pendant necklace

This next necklace features an open look pendant. The whole piece is made from 925 sterling silver, and it is 18inches long.

The chain type is cable chain, and you buy it, it comes in a small classic box.

Overall, the necklace is quite simple, and it works well for one shoulder necklace that has more details.

EUDORA Alphabet pendant necklace

If you’re looking for something more personalized, then you can opt for these necklaces from EUDORA.

These are initial pendants that look both fun and elegant. They are perfect for when you’re wearing an off the shoulder dress as the charm will stand out.

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The necklace is also simple enough for everyday wear and special occasions. The material the necklace is made from is 925 sterling silver, and each item comes in an elegant gift box. It is 18inches.

PANDORA knotted heart necklace

You can also get a slightly longer chain if you wish to go with your dress. PANDORA gives you a 23.6inch necklace that comes in the brand’s original packaging.

The material the necklace is made from is 925 sterling silver. The pendant features knotted hearts and has 28 bead-set clear cubic zirconia in a circle below the heart.

The design is simple, and you can wear it for any occasion.

Leafeel infinity heart pendant necklace

For this next brand, you get an impressive selection of necklaces, with 17 different pendants to be specific.

Each one is made with heart-shaped Swarovski Crystals Birthstones. You can use a birthstone chart to know what the color of your birthstone is based on the month you were born in.

Around the stone, there are Flatback Zirconia Rhinestones. The chain and pendant are made from white gold silver plating, and they come in a labeled jewelry box.

CELESTIA sterling silver necklace

If you’re indeed looking for something more unique and that has a message, then you can consider getting this CELESTIA sterling silver necklace.

It features a pendant with the engraving “I love you to the moon and back” around the infinity part of the heart-shaped pendant.

The necklace itself is made from 925 sterling silver and is 18inches while the stones are AAA cubic zirconia stones. Each piece comes in an exquisite jewelry box that’s ready for gifting.

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BlingGem necklace

The infinity heart necklaces from BlingGem represents everlasting love and ideal for anyone who holds this message close to their heart.

The heart is decorated with shimmering zircon crystals that are indeed eye-catching.

The necklace itself is made from 925 sterling silver that’s coated in 18ct yellow, white, or rose gold. It is also highly polished and has a smooth and bright finish. The chain’s length is 18 inches. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Billie Bijoux sterling silver necklace

 Last on the list is another uniquely designed necklace with an infinity pendant.

The whole piece is made from 925 sterling silver, and there is a line of cubic zirconia accents on one side of the infinity pendant that adds sparkle to the necklace.

You can choose a necklace color from the three on offer, which is silver, gold, and rose gold. A one-year warranty protects the item and also comes in a gift box.


Any of the above necklaces are fantastic and the right starting place for getting what you want or knowing what you want.

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