Take a Spin in the Vegetable Garden

Is your head spinning with all the information out there? If you want to simplify things, try The Vegetable Garden Wheel, edited by one of America’s leading horticulturists, Ruth Rogers Clausen. The wheel offers an education for new vegetable gardeners, including suggestions on siting your garden, deciding what to grow, tips on harvesting and planting your garden, and simple recipe ideas. It features 20 popular vegetables including carrots, radishes, tomatoes, onion, garlic, mesclun salad mix, green beans and more. Printed on long-wearing weather resistant plastic disks, you can select from 9 Garden Wheels, including Perennial Garden , Annual Garden, Herb Garden, Shade Garden Wheel, Bulb Garden, Flowering Houseplants, and a Garden Calendar.

$5.00 at The Urban Garden Shop.

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