Light One Up on the Patio

If Brandon Williams’s son hadn’t wanted to roast marshmallows, claims the designer, he would not have conceived of this beautiful outdoor fireplace.

ModFire is custom handcrafted out of thick darkened natural fourteen gauge steel and either unfinished or colorfully coated in glossy high-temp paint offered in blue, red, and orange, with avocado and yellow debuting this spring. At 48” tall and 22″ wide, ModFire creates a dramatic focal point and makes a beautiful design statement on your patio. ModFire’s vented dual-wall construction safely contains the fire while keeping the outer skin cool. The design incorporates the colorful coated outer skin, a black coated inner skin with high temperature paint, and a hand hammered 14” fire-bowl for burning your favorite wood or composite fire-logs, though Williams recommends burning “chiminea chunks” (available at your local firewood supplier) for the perfect fire.

Also available: A 12″ propane burner kit including 15 pounds of lava rock.

Each of the ModFires is handmade to order and arrive completely assembled, typically in 2 weeks from the designer’s downtown Phoenix, Arizona studio.

$595 at ModFire.

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