Вертикальная садовая система ?Fogponic?

Fogger — это студия в  Гамбурге, разработанная компанией Vakant Design для создания высокоэффективной системы озеленения вертикальных садов внутри и снаружи помещений . Практически самоокупаемая альтернатива  традиционному съедобному саду и отлично подходит для тех, кто живет в небольших городских пространствах,  дизайн дополняет практически любой декор, а также помогает очищать воздух в помещении.

Бак для питательных веществ наполняется каждые четыре-шесть недель.

Efficient Use of Space
Made of ceramic, wood, neoprene, and aluminum, the Fogger utilizes only 3.2 square feet (0,3 m2) of floor space but is capable of producing the same amount of food as a traditional in-ground 32 square foot (3 m2) garden.

Generated by an ultrasonic head, a nutrient-rich fog flows around the plant roots inside the pillar, delivering oxygen to maximize the plants’ full growth potential. Through the self-contained system, excess water and nutrients are fed back into circulation so they are lost through seepage or evaporation.

How it Works
1. Insert pre-germinated fruit or vegetable seedlings with neoprene plugs into the pillar.
2. Fill up tank with water using the included organic fertilizer.

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The Fogger’s cable connects to an external power supply which initiates the automatic cultivation process. The plants receive water and nourishment for up to six weeks via a “fogponic” cultivation technique. The easily installed individual ceramic modules are also simple to maintain as they are dishwasher safe.

Lifting off a single ceramic module to inspect the roots.

Once lid is removed, the fog is allowed to dissipate in order to vie the plants.

The Fogger’s lid may be used as a bowl in which to place harvested food.

The Fogger began as an intensive research project about possible cultivation techniques. After several growing trials testing the fogaponic technique for efficiency and suitability, the designers concentrated on a vertical and modular concept. They also endeavored to create a high value piece of furniture that would integrate itself through its attractive design into any residential space, indoors or out.

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